They're phishing, don't get caught!

Welcome to the second post in our "no bull" email security series.

Phishing. Funny name. Serious topic.


The best way you can protect yourself from phony phishers is to understand what legitimate financial service providers, government agencies and shipping companiues will and will not do.

Most importantly, legitimate entities will not ask you to provide or verify sensitive information through a non-secure means, such as email.

Follow these simple steps to protect yourself from phishers:

Do Your Own Typing — Rather than merely clicking on the link provided in the email, type the URL into your web browser yourself (or use a bookmark you previously created). Even though a URL in an email may look like the real deal, fraudsters can mask the true destination - click the following innocent looking link to see how:

If you can't resist the convenience of clicking email links then at least hover your mouse for a split second and ensure the hyperlink is legitimate. Like this:


Don't open attachments you are not expecting — Fraudsters will often attach bogus files or direct you to download them from a scam website. These may include faxes, statements, invoices, authorisation forms, remittance advices, cheque approval notices or other "really important" documents. If you are not expecting files, don't open them. Be extra cautious of zip file attachments.

Check Email Details - Check the senders name and email address, look for spelling mistakes or domain names that look wrong. Example: emails from or ( is spelt wrong and is not the domain name for Australia Post)

Pick Up the Phone to Verify — Do not respond to any emails that request personal or financial information, especially ones that use pressure tactics or prey on fear. If you have reason to believe that a financial institution actually does need personal information from you, pick up the phone and call the company yourself — using the number in your rolodex, not the one the email provides!

Implement Email and Internet Security Software - If your a client of ours already then you're probably already using anti-spam, anti-virus and internet security software. If you're not then check with your IT consultant or get in touch.

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